PArty Wall

Our surveyors have a wide range of experience and considerable expertise in the implementation of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, with projects ranging from major inner-city developments to domestic extensions.

The Act requires building owners (i.e. the parties undertaking construction work) to notify and engage with adjoining owners where such work may have a detrimental effect on the property of the adjoining owner. This may be through physical work to a shared party wall or structure, or may also be as a result of excavations close by, which could undermine the structure of adjoining owner’s property.

Here at wrdunn. we are very experienced in the requirements of the Act and the implications that it can have for both building and adjoining owners. Whether acting for either party, or both parties, engaged in a party wall matter, we can advise on the intricacies of this legislation and how best to resolve party wall related disputes.