Our Building Surveying Department can offer specialist advice on all landlord and tenant issues relating to the repairing obligations of parties to a tenancy or license and serve Schedules of Dilapidations, as well as providing expert advice to a landlord or tenant in the event of a dispute arising.

We are well experienced to act on a wide range of property types and we can assist landlords or tenants entering into a lease of commercial premises and provide advice on the condition of the premises, the implications of the lease repairing covenants and the potential liabilities imposed. This information is presented by way of a ‘Dilapidations Assessment Report’ which is an essential document for a prospective tenant or landlord considering on entering into a lease agreement.
Our duties can also extend to the preparation of schedules of condition, for incorporation into a lease agreement and also advising upon or monitoring works to be undertaken in compliance with a notice or license for alteration.


During the tenancy, or near to expiry, we are able to inspect and prepare interim, terminal or final schedule of dilapidations for service upon a tenant as well as acting on behalf of a tenant or sub tenant that have been served a dilapidation claim and require advice or guidance. If events lead to a financial claim for loss and damages we can also assist with the preparation of the heads of claim and act in relation the negotiation and settlement of a claim on behalf of either party.


Our professional duties are carried out in accordance with the current RICS Guidance Note, 7th Edition and the Property Litigation Association Pre-Action Protocol for Claims for Damages in Relation to the Physical State of Commercial Property at the Termination of Tenancy (“The Dilapidations Protocol”).